What is Vedic Wisdom?

It is the supreme wisdom. All existing religions on the planet are offshoots of this Eternal Truth that has been passed on from master to master for ages. Time changes, people come & go but the Truth stays. You are here because of your past karma and unless you transcend the cycle of Birth & Death, you will have to come again & again... Our Sole purpose is to grow & grow. Vedic Astrology, Phrenology, Numerology, Palmistry and many other occult sciences are tools given to the mankind by the ancient seers to help us grow in consciousness. We have abused these tools and have used them for mundane issues. We must turn our focus inward and use these sacred sciences to know ourselves and the world around us. In this way, we can grow and help others grow on all levels....Mony Singh


You are a very wise and special man. Thank you for your answers. I will stop worrying, questioning, and do what you have so kindly advised. I can't thank you enough. Your energy even through email is calming, soothing, and I feel as if God has touched my soul and is patting me on the back saying; " it will all be ok " as tears stream down my cheeks, something that is rare to ever happen. I'm a strong, independent, tough, and stubborn lady. I never cry, even when I want to. WOW !!!!!!! What a powerful experience I just had. Thank you. I will also hold you in my prayers.

D Baxter

Things are going pretty well. I just wanted you to know that I really do thank God for having found you and for the healer every day when I get up and when I go to bed. So, at least twice a day I give thanks for the two of you. At one time I didn't think I was ever going to find someone who could help me with this problem. I don't even know that I'd be here and sane today if I hadn't. I was pretty off balance for a few months when I started with you guys and you were patient and kind. I feel a lot more sane and supported through all of this now. So, thank you guys for all of your help.

Angela S

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