About Vedic Wisdom

Vedic Wisdom was launched in 1996 by Mony Singh to help people grow in consciousness. Vedic Wisdom goes back to the Vedic era when Sanskrit was the dominating language, during this time period many rishis (seers) took birth on Earth and spread the divine wisdom on the planet. During the Vedic period "Sanatam Dharma" was prevalent, the following is the best description on Sanatam Dharma found on the internet: The meaning of Sanatan is eternal. Vedic Dharma can aptly be defined as Sanatan Dharma. In English, Dharma is defined by the word 'religion'. But the term religion is incapable to describe the vast meaning of Dharma. In fact, the spirit of Dharma is so vast that it includes things related not only to our present incarnation but to the past and the future incarnations as well.

Mony Singh says: Humans must realize that religions have taken birth out of the ancient wisdom and wisdom does not depend on any religion to be born, the truth is that religions have become a major source of disharmony on the planet. If each and every person becomes a Christian on the planet, will we have harmony on the planet? or if we convert every human to Islam, will we have peace? or if we convert everyone to a Hindu, can we have 6+ billion people who will become enlightened within few years. The answer is 6+ billion no's. If we look at the state of the present day religions, each religion has multiple divisions within them and none agree with the other causing much anarchy within the religion itself. Christianity is divided into many divisions, Islam is divided into three groups (Shias, Sunnis, and Sufis), Hinduism is based upon the concept of hundreds of Gods and goddesses, Jainism is divided into two and so on.

Look around you and you will find nothing but chaos. Maybe, you cannot see the chaos because it has become so organized and technologically advanced.  As per the scientific community, we do not have much time left, we have polluted the oceans, we have destroyed the air quality, we have been instrumental in weakening the ozone layer. Politicians and a few greedy people have created a social and environmental mess on the planet. At this point, we cannot change the world BUT we can change ourselves this very moment by knowing who we are? and why we are here? Vedic Wisdom can help us go to our roots. Go beyond Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, look within and you will find the ancient wisdom. Start living a life that is meaningful, productive and peaceful. Share your wisdom and let it become Vedic Wisdom for our future generations.

Mony is a regular contributor on Quora