Earthquake prediction was made on Sep 30, 2005.
October 8, 2005: Deadliest Earthquake hit on October 8th in South Asia involving  Pakistan & India- as many as 50,000 dead:

1994-1996: Mony Singh had a weekly column “Astrology & You” with India Post (an Indian newspaper published from Fremont, California). He wrote articles on astrology and spirituality and gave predictions about world affairs during 1994-96.
Here are some of the famous predictions showing 100% accuracy for the timing and nature of the events. Such is the power of the Vedic system.
1994: Rough times for President Clinton ahead: The prediction was followed by an airplane crash at the White House, the Whitewater case and the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
1994: Earthquake Prediction: A devastating earthquake took place in Mexico within two weeks of the prediction’s publication.
1995: Earthquake Prediction of mass destruction: An earthquake hit Kobe, Japan, within 15 days of the prediction’s publication.
OJ Simpson’s Acquittal Prediction: OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder charges.
Political Assassination Prediction: Israel’s Prime Minister Mr. Yitzak Rabin was assassinated within a week of the prediction’s publication.