Business Astrology

Author: Mony Singh

Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire,
you need an astrologer" J. P. Morgan, Founder of the Morgan Bank

Unlike the US, where the majority of businesses are dissolved before their first anniversary, in India businesses seldom fail. The reason is clear and simple. In India most businesspersons do not take even the smallest step without consulting an astrologer. Compare this to the US, where astrologers are seen as stand-up comedians. Most Americans have a family physician; in India most have a family astrologer. Over the last few years, however, Americans have come to realize the potential of Vedic Astrology, pursuing it with great devotion. It might amaze you to hear this but some western doctors have become staunch followers of Vedic astrology. Such is the potential of this divine science.
It is fascinating to realize that businesses, like humans, can fall sick and may eventually die. There are a number of factors that determine the success or failure of any new business.
For example:

1. Based on the horoscope of the businessman, the astrologer can determine what product will bring success to the business.

2. In regard to the name of the business, the astrologer can verify that the relationship between the rashi (house) of the business' first letter and the rashi (house) of the businessman is complimentary. If the rashis (houses) clash, the business will collapse. In order to have harmony between the business and the businessman, the first letters of the two should be friendly.

3. The numerological total of a particular business' name should be in harmony with the numerological total of the business owner's name. Numerology is extremely important in determining the success of any business.

4. After a business name has been selected, one must look for the perfect location, a harmonious business address, bank account number and telephone number.

5. Finally, the astrologer must discern an auspicious date and time for starting the business.
Here is an example of choosing the wrong business name:
Value Jet: The letter V is represented by the number 4 in numerology. The number 4 in Vedic astrology corresponds to Rahu. According to Vedic astrology, the purpose of Rahu is to be cruel and kill in mysterious ways. In addition to the name Value Jet, the airline code for this business is "J7". In numerology the letter J has been assigned the number one. If we add one and seven the answer is eight, the number of Death. Eight belongs to the planet Saturn, the king of darkness. Finally, to emphasize the point even more, though the business was an airline, their symbol was a cartoon airplane that looked like a fish. One of their airplanes went down in a swamp and so did the company.
Thinking of opening a business? It will be in your best interest to consult an astrologer who has a good track record of helping people with business/financial issues.