The Choice is Your's

Author: Mony Singh

Despite all the spiritual masters who have existed on this planet, despite all the religions we have and the holy books available to us, humanity is still in chaos.
The reason being that we do not have many spiritual masters or people to guide us, The one's out there are mere business people cashing on the innocence of the people who are thirsty of spiritual knowledge. The truth is that majority is unaware or sleep walking in their life. 
If you are a very aware person, by awareness I mean one who can not only judge others but judge ones own self , what that means is when you say something to others at the same time you are analyzing your own words and thoughts.
So being aware! just look around you. Look at the way the whole life functions.
One is born, suffers and dies.
Your contribution to the system is negligible unless you are born with strong Karma. than you make a change in the system for good or for worst. Parmahansa Yogananda and Hitler are good examples. 
Look deeply and you will find nothing but cruelty around you. 16 kids are brutally slain by a gunmen in Scotland. Do you think it is logically fair for the creator to punish those 16 kids for their past Karma even before the innocent souls have realized what exactly karma is or destiny is!
If you have never though beyond the phrase "Survival of the fittest" in the jungle of Capitalism, In my opinion there is no difference between you and a Fox in the animal kingdom who is looking to feed itself from the "Lions Share" because one day you are going to become someone's dinner. 
Is our purpose just survival? Do we really have a purpose or we are mere puppets where someone else is enjoying the show at our cost? You might find answers in the holy scripture you believe in but they are mere escapism or illusions.
If you are extremely rich and suffering from some horrible disease, you have realized by now that your millions of dollars cannot buy you good health or life. A lady called me a few days ago and said that her doctor has been trying to cure her for the last 2 years and has finally reached a conclusion that as far as he can go he cannot find anything wrong with her and one of her friends suggested her to look for an astrologer. Science has its own limitations. 
So frustrated from science one starts looking for answers in the spiritual world. Meditation, Hypnotism, Psychics, Astrologers, Holy men, the list is long. Here the Vultures are not wearing Stethoscopes but has a Rudrakshaka mala (garland of seeds supposed to have healing powers, found in Nepal) around him. You can call it divine Stethoscope. But his purpose is the same, stay sick so that the treatment lingers on and is more profitable. 
In China Physicians are paid a salary for a group of people as long as the group is healthy. As soon as someone falls sick the payment to the doctor is stopped. The system is logical and fair. In China the doctors are not just doctors, they are astrologers too though they follow an entirely different system than the commonly practiced astrology. Phrenology (the science of body features) is very common in China. I wish the same system was followed everywhere in all the professions.
In the Western system of Medicine the person being treated is at the mercy of his Doctor and the majority of doctors are out there to make money than heal and also majority is struck on the western system of medicine and would not let their patients explore in other forms of therapies.
A few years back one of my clients was very worried as her younger son had a serious ear problem and the doctor had suggested that he must be operated as there is a block in the Ear Canal. I suggested her to get a biochemic salt called "Kali Mur" which costs around $4.95 and one can get it from a Health food store. She fed her son with just 2 tablets 3 times a day for few weeks and to her amazement when the doctor examined her sons ears after a week remarked that the block is gone and there is no infection thus no need for the operation. If you have a kid who is less than 6 years old you must keep a bottle of "Kali Mur" 30X and a bottle of "Belladona 30X" these two remedies will keep your child away from antibiotics at such a young age. 
In the above case I am glad the doctor was honest. The problem is, there is no instrument which can measure ones honesty. We have instincts but sadly we have become immune to our inner voice and we are constantly falling prey to con artists until we find the truth.
Destiny is the law of nature or the justice system. Astrology is nothing but decoding those laws so astrologers are like divine attorneys. but still blind because its their profession! as when it comes to helping a murderer, profits overlap ethics. The social structure has degraded to the point where its hard to draw a line between Ethics & Survival. 
This whole mumbo jumbo is robbing the mankind of a very powerful asset called "Faith" we are not just loosing faith in others but in ourselves too. What is AIDS? weakening of the immune system! what is the immune system? Faith! that the body is protected from negativity's and the failure of the immune system clearly signifies in one direction that man is loosing faith in his ownself. 
The course this humanity has taken, it will not survive for more than few decades. Astrologically speaking; we would be having some very negative planetary combinations in the coming 7 years. If within the next 5 years we do not straighten our acts and continue the way we are. We will have series of Natural and manmade disasters which will eliminate the life form on this planet. As our survival is directly related to what we feel about ourselves and the mother Earth. 
Vedic Astrology is one science where we need research work. The secret of our well being lies in this divine science. The way this science is being abused by people who are driven by one purpose: How to have more than they have. The obsession to be on the top. Astrology has not been explored to the point where it starts helping the mankind.
There are people who have dedicated their material happiness for this divine science, people like Das Goravani, by the way don't be fooled by his name he is not an Indian, this American man has dedicated years as well as his family life just to produce a software in Vedic Astrology which is a research tool in Vedic Astrology. And on the other hand there are Astrologers who are ripping off innocent people of millions of Dollars. The same is true for 95% of the psychics and their 900 lines. How these crooks trap people is very simple. Ads run like this: One question answered free or talk to a Psychic for free. This one question is nothing but the bait. The battered ends up becoming the bait. 
The choice is your! Are you happy the way you are? If not, are you ready to look for the right Guide. The story does not end here. The secret not just lies in the healer or the guide but also lies with the healed or the one who is being guided because the healer is healed in the process and the guide is guided too.