Life Management Session: FAQ's

Is your consultation a computer generated reading like the ones I have seen other people receive for Numerology and Astrology i.e filling in the blanks to suit each person?

All consultations are personally done by me and it takes me a few hours to write the Life Management session. I have to meditate and get into the triangle (myself-individual-divine source) and sometimes I have to wait for a few weeks in order to tap into the individual's life.

How long is the Life Management Session, how many pages and what exactly do you give? I have goals and desires in my life, would you help me fulfill my desires and reach my goals?

I do not give what you desire but I give what you need to improve your life. If your goals are in alignment with your destiny, I will guide you on removing the obstacles that are holding you from reaching your goals. If you are born to work under someone on minimum wage, I cannot help you become Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. However, I can help you live your life peacefully where you will not be obsessed with making more and more money to satisfy the inner beggar.

What information do you need to work on Life Management Session? Do I need to be physically present for this session or I can be guided through email?

I would need the following:
-Close-up picture of your face (front view)(without any makeup)
-Close-up picture of your side view of the face showing the ears
-Close-up picture of your Full body (front view, covering your body from head to toe, with your clothes on)
-Close-up picture of your hands (both sides, *nails should not be painted)
-Close-up picture of your feet (top only, halfway to the knees, *nails should not be painted)
-Your exact birth info: Date, time and Place of birth. In case the exact date or time of birth is not known, the astrology part will be omitted from this session.
-Your one minute audio or video of your voice (*needed if buying distant healing included for 30 days). The session report can be emailed to you, it is not necessary that it must be done in person.

Why do you need the pictures of hands, feet, face and an audio or video recording of my voice. I have had other sessions done and all they asked for was my birth information. i.e Date, Time and Place of birth.

Your physical features are the indicators of your body, mind & soul connection. Every feature on your body is connected with a certain area of the brain and any major variation in your thinking pattern and/or your actions influence a change in your physical features. By decoding your physical features, I am able to ascertain the state of your physical, mental and emotional health: whether you have been thinking correctly or incorrectly, your relationship with yourself, with the world, your emotional balance, your mental balance (Logic and Creativity/imagination) , the state of your soul: all these issues and much more is revealed to me from the above information. Your birth information is needed to make your birth chart and your voice recording is needed to cleanse your body-mind-spirit for 30 days with distant healing.

Can you help me find a fulfilling career path or do you think my current profession is best for me and I should focus on it? The reason I ask is that no matter how much I try, I am only able to make ends meet. Is it my karma that is blocking me from progressing or some other issues that I cannot figure out. I was told by a psychic that one of my enemies is blocking my career with psychic attacks. Is that true?

Most people lack direction and are unhappy with their career choices, choices are often made because of financial considerations, social pressures, fear, etc. With my system, you will have the choice of working in a field where you will be happy In order to live a happy and fulfilling existence. Using your birth chart we can look for the right profession for you which can be satisfying on all levels, where money or status is not the criteria for living this life. Money was initially created to work for us but sadly the majority is working for money.

If you are running your own business Vedic astrology can certainly help you in your business by letting you know in advance about good and bad periods so that you can make effective decisions when the times are good and delay major changes during negative periods. My healer can look at your life at the spiritual level and can let you know if there are any blockages that are being imposed on you in the psychic/spirit world.

Can you do a compatibility chart to see how I will fare in my relationship? I have been trying to get into a relationship but it seems no one likes me, all this is causing stress and anxiety in my life as I have started to feel lonely and depressed.

Yes. In Vedic Astrology, we compare various aspects of the charts including, emotional compatibility, spiritual compatibility, sexual compatibility, material desires, and fertility issues. You will be amazed to know that we even look at Ayurvedic doshas when doing a compatibility analysis. On the other hand, my system goes a step further as I can check to see whether your physical features are compatible with your partner's physical features and if your numbers are compatible with your partner's numbers or what sign and numbers you need to look for when trying to date someone.

Do you predict the future of the individual and can the future be altered? I have read in many spiritual scriptures that our destiny is predetermined and our future cannot be altered?

Yes & No. I would not predict negative issues as I do not want to mess with your karma, if God wants to teach you a lesson and has created a negative period in your life, I will not give power to it by uttering the negative and infusing it with my soul power. However, I will warn you to keep a low profile and stay aware during that period and will help you learn the challenges life has to offer in awareness.

Yes! If the outcome of future events was unchangeable, then we would have been puppets in the hands of destiny and existence. In that case, astrology and all the ancient sciences and religions should have been trashed long ago. As far as I have understood life, astrology is a tool with which we can know well in advance about the stormy times ahead and take necessary precautions to face these karmic challenges. On the other hand, if we reach a stage where we are very close to enlightenment then we do not need tools like astrology as there is trust and understanding for the supreme power. One is aware enough then to realize that he/she is not the driver, so why even know what is going to come in the future? Until we develop such an understanding, tools like astrology are very helpful. After all, when we learn to swim we take precautions so as to not drown and once we have become a master, we can jump even into the ocean.

By nature humans are inquisitive, but it doesn't help. It is exactly like the ancient wisdom: when someone is learning to ride a bicycle and you tell the person to watch the stone lying a few feet away from him, his whole concentration will focus on the stone instead of saving himself from the stone and he will hit it and fall. In the same way, the purpose of an astrologer is not just to spit out what the chart is telling him. He must utter negativity with extreme caution. He must understand the state of the client's mind. Otherwise, he not only programs the mind of the individual but also injects the power of his own spirit into that particular thought.

An astrologer who has no concept of how the mind works is no more than a hunter because if in one's chart a certain period is going to be fatal for an individual and he is bluntly told about the outcome, the astrologer has already shot the poor soul and left him to the vultures of fearful thoughts until the actual moment arrives. The majority of people live in fear and it is unfair to breed more fear in humans by directly telling them about the suffering they are going to face in the times to come.

An Astrologer or Guide has a great responsibility and he/she cannot limit themselves to just Astrology. Astrologers are divine weatherman and existence does not permit them to say the worst, otherwise, they become messengers to the devil, beating the divine plan and divinity within us. Astrologers who try to take the place of God suffer immensely in their lives.

What is Astrology all about? Is Astrology 100% accurate? I have been to many astrologers, psychics, and palmists and sometimes they are hundred percent accurate and some of them fail miserably. How accurate are you in your evaluations?

The human body consists of 70% water. The same goes for Earth-70% water and 30% land. The water within us is influenced exactly the same way as the ocean water during a full moon. We also go through high tides and low tides. Astrology is the science of knowing the timing of these high and low tides. On a broader level, astrology has got everything to do with what goes on in our solar system. The movement of the planets affects everything from the smallest amoebae to the largest bodies in our galaxy.

Astrology is 80% accurate. Why 80%? Because 10% goes to life and 10% goes to death, two things that are still not in the hands of mankind. In between life and death, everything takes place exactly the way it is destined. There are ways to predict death but not with 100% accuracy.

There are not many astrologers in this world who can predict the death of a person to the minute and second and if someone could, he would not be using astrology but would instead ask the help of higher channels.

All types of astrology is BLIND. For example; Bill Gate's wife is giving birth to her child and at the same time, a poor woman gives birth to her child in the Seattle area. They will both have the same horoscopes but are they born in the same circumstances? The answer is NO!

Will they live the same lifestyle? Again the answer is NO! So where does astrology fit in? They will both grow up and even though the influence of the planets on their lives will be the same, their circumstances will be different. One will get a 50 cent raise from his job while the other will sign a 50 million dollar contract on the same day. This is what astrology is all about. They will fall sick in the same period though one will be pampered by doctors and nurses while the other will have to go through the agony of sickness. This is what karma is all about.

Unless an Astrologer has a highly developed intuition or is very well familiar with either palmistry or phrenology, he is no better than a blind man who has memorized a 20, 30 or 40 old map and in 40 years even though the map remains the same, the actual location (Physical Features) will have changed with time. The same goes for your body features as they change with time, and are based on your actions and thinking patterns.

How do remedies work and do you prescribe lucky Gemstones and is it necessary for everyone to wear one's lucky birthstone? What other forms of remedies do you prescribe?

Normally people live their lives by using either the right brain or left brain and when someone is able to combine and channelize the thought patterns of both the left and right brain he/she is able to materialize their thoughts. Remedies are nothing but anti-virus software to clean the negative thought patterns accumulated from the past or past lives. Remedies raise the level of acceptance by removing the negative blocks, patterns or belief systems that have accumulated from all the lives we have lived so far. In other words, remedies balance the discrepancies in your karmic account. Here the consciousness is Uncle Sam keeping a log of your good and bad karma.

Yes! I do prescribe gems but only if I see a dire need. It depends on the chart as well as the quality of one's body features. It is not necessary for everyone to wear a gemstone; on the contrary, gemstones can be quite fatal if the right ones are not prescribed. I have seen many charts where the person should stay away from gemstones all his life and should depend on prayers and charity work or rituals.

Other forms of remedies include; affirmations, chanting of sacred mantras, changing one's diet, yogic exercises, Vedic therapies and other forms of remedies that can be easily followed by the individual.

I want to grow spiritually but I am confused whether I should meditate & explore on my own, find a Guru, join a spiritual group or chant mantras. Can your system help me find my path?

Spiritual masters have always emphasized on choosing the right path, there are only two ways towards seeking enlightenment: 1. Dhyan (Meditation) 2. Bhakti (Devotion) In the first method you need to find a Guru or the Guru must find you but for Bhakti (Devotion) you can select a guru or with divine grace, the Guru will come to you in many forms. Each one of us takes this birth with a key that opens the mysteries to this universe and the key is hidden in one's spiritual path. Whether your path is Bhakti or Dhyan, it can be ascertained by looking at your physical features. I would also suggest that you read my book "White Lies Dark Truth" which will help you grow in consciousness.

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