Can the Future be Changed?

By Mony Singh

Past has set and gone while we go through the present towards our future.
We always live either in the past or in the future because in the present it is very dark. If we look deeply into the human life, each one of us is looking for tomorrow. Every day when we wake up we have a new hope for the day. We always look forward for a better tomorrow. Even a beggar suffering from disease hopes for a better future. Such is the power of hope. If hope is taken away from humanity we will not be able to live for long.
People do not fall sick because of diseases, they fall sick because there is a lack of hope. Hope is the king of all therapies & all medicines.
Why do you go to an Astrologer? To find Hope and Direction. When we are doing everything right and still we do not get results we want to know the answers.
Our present life is the outcome of our past actions and our future would be the result of what we do in our present. When our present is happy we never go to an Astrologer to ask when are we going to have a rough time or how we can have disharmony. We always ask questions like when would I be financially, mentally or physically in good condition. While we brood repent & fear about our past, we always worry and are anxious about our future.
Many times I have been asked; Can future be changed? My answer to you is a big YES Now you will ask me; HOW?. I will give you a very logical explanation. If you are flying an airplane you cannot change the direction or speed of the wind, nor you can change the air pockets. You also have no control over weather conditions. But you are in control of your plane and also you know what is the speed of the wind and also you have a compass to know the direction. The safety of hundreds of people lies in the hands of one person and that one person is the pilot. In order to be a good pilot one needs to have a balanced mind, where logic and creativity work in harmony, a pilot has to be a psychologist too, do you know that when a pilot is hired by an airline he has to go through a psychological testing where the pilot has to answer at least 100 questions pertaining to psychology alone. From the moment you sit in the plane, your future lies in the hands of one human being. If he commits any mistake, not just he pays for it, but make others pay too for his error.
A pilot can take you physically from point A to point B. On the other hand an astrologer has the potential to direct the course of your life from illusion to illumination, from rags to riches, from hopelessness to hope. Or it could be the other way round too, all depending upon the state of the consciousness the Astrologer is at. An Astrologer has the potential to reinstall hope within you, increase your will power and guide you towards a better future. His compass is Astrology, with the help of astrology he can see your takeoff point as well as your destination. What route you need to take in order to avoid turbulence. All by looking at the position of the planets at the time of birth as well as transits.
Today's Astrologer has a bigger responsibility. Just as the media can direct the course of politics towards a better or bitter government, the same way astrologers can direct the course of individuals towards awareness. So an Astrologer cannot limit himself to astrology alone, he has to go beyond Astrology in order to guide others towards a happy future.