Jupiter: The Perfect Guru

By Mony Singh

In ancient times people were seekers, they still are but the goals have changed. So one such seeker decided to look for the perfect Guru. He had read many books, listened to others who were on the path of divinity, he went to numerous sages, practiced their ideas but always found himself in doubt.

After 10 years of his search he found a man who was in precise alignment with his thoughts of a perfect Guru. So the seeker said to the man: you seem to be the perfect Guru, my journey is at an end. with great reverence he asked the guru to accept him as a disciple.
Shockingly the Guru said that it is not possible because the perfect Guru needs the perfect pupil.
Even as we near the 21st Century everybody is seeking: majority is looking for wealth, some are seeking health, than there are few who are seeking fame and a very small percentage is seeking divine wisdom. But the aim is to look for a GURU who can guide us in the direction we want him to.
You might be one of those lucky people who have Jupiter in the Lagna , 5th or 9th houses in favorable signs. If the Jupiter in your chart is favorable to you or in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant, you have good karma from the past , in other words you are in constant communication with your Guru on a Psychic level. On the other hand Jupiter aspecting the ascendant will promote obesity or problem controlling ones body fat.
Jupiter is the most benific planet in Vedic Astrology. That is the reason he is called Guru in Hindi. Guru means Guide . Even if a guru is harsh on his disciples he is being harsh out of compassion. Mercury is named Budh, now budh can be a Buddha if favorable or a Buddhu if detrimental. But Guru is Guru!
The Color of Jupiter is yellow, Metal is Gold,tin and platinum and the stone is Pukhraj (pusparaj) or Yellow Sapphire. Cheaper substitutes are Topaz.
Two signs ruled by Jupiter are Sagittarius and the other one is Pisces. Since Sagittarius is a Positive sign of Jupiter, people born between 22 November -22 December are philosophers and one who are interested in knowing the meaning of life. whereas People born during the period of Pisces February 20- March21 are street smart extremely practical , materialistic and do not believe in the principles of religion and also it is a bad sign for bearing Children. February born Pisces struggle too much in life, whereas November born Saggitarius are sometimes too weird and misfits in society.
Jupiter is also the karka for Children. Extremely weak or detrimental Jupiter in ones chart will not give children to the native.
Jupiterians are generous, believe in Justice. sympathetic, having good fortune, honest, truthful, philosophers, fanatic in religion and if not favorable will make the person overoptimistic, gambler, careless, poor, cheat and liar.
Body parts governed by Jupiter are Liver, fat in the body. diseases are Jaundice, liver complaints, laziness, phlegmatic disposition etc. That is one reason if Jupiter is aspecting your Ascendant, you will have a hard time controlling your weight.
If Jupiter is not favorable to you, becoming a Vegetarian will help and if Jupiter is aspecting your Ascendant you must follow vegetarianism.