Khapti Baba: Great Saints of India

Deflection of your mind from God within you directs your mind to worldly pleasures. Direction of mind towards worldly pleasures create desires in your mind. Desires in your mind, if not fulfilled create disappointment. Disappoint makes your mind dirty. Dirty mind is prone to self-destruction.
Whenever anything good or bad happens unexpectedly, you look up to the sky and raise your hands.
You say, He is there looking after everything.

Tell me what is up there?

My friends, God is not up there. God is up in your brains and mind !
Who named God as God?
Human being named him as God. The so called God had not sent message down on the earth asking you: call me God.
Human beings speaking different languages named God in their respective languages, like Hindu called him Bhagwan. God in the sky is an idea of human mind. Man produced crops and food, fancy clothes, beautiful houses for living, beautiful cities to stay, luxury cars to travel, large aircrafts, phones, computers and what not! Human mind created everything for his living and luxuries. God has not sent down a computer from sky. You all educated people should not be so irrational and sentimental.
I do not mean God does not exist at all ! Surely, God exists, but not in the form you imagined blindly. All people over the world have different imaginary forms of the God according to their own faiths. Some people do not have even a form to believe, they are blind about that. Existence of God is obvious. No doubt, He is only a Creator. But He creates and stays within. He created you, me and the world and He lies within. He thinks out of your brain and you could make a computer.
He smells through your nose and you recognize the fragrance, He gives you voice to speak from your mouth, His power makes you listen to the sound, He looks from your eyes and so on. In fact He is within you, but you do not see him because you are habituated of looking into outside world for all your pleasures and needs. Forget the world and your ever deteriorating body for a minute, and you the eternal You will realize God within you. Why do most of you close the eyes while making prayers.
Had there been God in the outside world and sky, you would not have closed the eyes. In fact you search the God within you. You do not need your eyes for that. You need your brains ! You may find this fact difficult to understand initially, but your continuous deep thinking about God will give you the power to sense the God within you and the universe. This is self realizationor the realization of true God.
Baba when sitting with his disciples in pleasant mood would ask the devotees, " what is time now?" All of them would at a time reply, " it is 1.00 am midnight, Baba" Baba would ask again, "Who says this is night ?" Instantly, there would be silence; everybody looking at Baba for his explanation. "Ask Aniljee what is time in Boston city of US?" ask him to call his daughter there? " It should be around 11.00 am there, Baba", Aniljee would reply. "Now tell me it is day or night ?" Baba would question again laughingly. Nobody could answer.
In fact Baba wanted to bring to the notice of all, the illusionary concept of time and space. Imagine we enter a dark cave, stay there for two hours and come out. Should we say, it was night in the cave? No !. In the same manner, we all who have studied preliminary science know that night is nothing but shadow of an earth itself due to the Sun turning on the other side of earth. We call shadow a night. Shadow has no existence of itself. It is only absence of light. You have candles to make light in darkness. Do you have candles to make darkness in the light ? No. When the shadow does not exist, how will night be existing. It is a related term to the 'day' only.
When there is no night how would you be able to count the days. If you can not count the days, how would you count weeks, months and years. This is an illusion of time. The great thinkers understand this. We laymen having full attention in enjoying the world have not time to think on these matters unless we get fully frustrated with this illusionary nature of the world.
Baba used to say "manvachya ayushyala bhavishya nahi" (There is nothing like future that exists. How could there be future of a human being when time itself is an illusion.? Why should he waste time thinking too much about the future ?" One can imagine for one self. '"When I was a child and I started identifying my mother and father, my body used to small one that I do not fully remember. Then I was inside that small body. I grew older and became five years' old I started understanding little more. I behaved as liked in that 5 years body. I then became 15 years old and I could make out difference in lot many things including man and woman. I was still in a bigger body.
My body was changing. "I" was same. I did not change. When I was thirty years old, sky was the limit of my ambitions and I was very dynamic in the grown body. But I remained I only. I am now 60 years old. I can not do many things now, which I could do using my body before 30 years My body is older now but I am the same person who was in young body. "I" have the memory, body does not have it. All the time I thought I am a body and tried to please my body but I could not make my body happy yet. Now I am seriously thinking that I am not a body.
Really ! Body is small or big, young or old, I remain the same. I think in the same way which I used to when I was young, I have my particular likes and dislikes and my habits of learning, so many of my things. I am something else, not a body that grows old and die one day. I am "I" the immortal "I" not affected by time....