Life Coaching & Transformation

Troubleshooting Human Lives Since 1994

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom"

Since 1994, Mony Singh has been providing Life Coaching Sessions to clients from all parts of the world. Using the ancient tools of Samudrik Shastra (The Science of Body Features), Vedic Astrology & Numerology

Mony Singh believes that all of us have taken this birth to complete our karmic cycle and merge with universal consciousness. However, many among us are not ready for this spiritual transition and need to enjoy life and learn from our experiences. Our social upbringing, dogmas, notions, beliefs, fears & restrictions that our parents, society, and media have dumped on us, during our growing years, block us from realizing our true self. Unfortunately, many among us keep trying all our lives to find our way towards success through this maze of life, until we get old and tired and give up.

Life Management Session offered by Mony Singh is an honest attempt to give a jump start to individuals who are desperate to take their lives to the next level. In this session you are educated about the pluses and minuses you have brought into this life and using the science of body features you are provided secrets about your physical body, and the kind of life you have been living. Whether you have been living a well-aligned life or a misaligned life. Therapies are provided to balance the body-mind-spirit connection.

Using Vedic Astrology, you are provided a bird's eye view of your horoscope, the kind of karmic challenges you have brought into this life. You are also made aware of the future time periods that are going to be productive or challenging to help you plan your future.

The purpose of this session is not to dump you with more information, predict your future or sell you expensive solutions in the form of lucky gems, amulets or spiritual poojas (rituals). In this session, you are educated about you and your life and a clear picture of your karmic plan that you have brought into this life is given to you. Remedies and therapies are suggested to counter the negative karma and enhance the positive.

Mony Singh can help you live a meaningful life filled with love for self, harmony, peace, and abundance.  He has been troubleshooting human lives since 1994

Areas covered in this session are:
★ Physical, Mental & Emotional Health
★ Relationships & Marriage
★ Finance, Career & Prosperity
★ Spiritual growth & Spiritual path
★ Black Magic Evaluation by the healer

The following information is required for the Life Management Session:
★ Your recent, close-up, full-length picture with clothes on(front of your body from head to toe)
★ Your recent, close-up of the face (please do not apply any make-up)
★ Your recent, close-up of the hands (both sides) and nails should not be painted
★ Your recent, close-up of the feet (halfway to the knees) nails should not be painted
★ Your exact date, time and place of birth
★ One-minute recording of your voice with no background noise (only required if 30Days Cleansing & Healing services are purchased)

*All Pictures must be in high resolution and in color
Privacy Policy: All information is kept confidential and not shared with anyone without your permission.

Questions & Concerns? Read Frequently Asked Questionsabout this consultation.

All Guidance is provided on a one-to-one basis and all information is kept strictly confidential.

Life Coaching-Transformation Package includes the following:
★ Analysis & Guidance based on Vedic Astrology, Numerology & the Science of Body Features
★ Hardcover Edition: White Lies Dark Truth priced at $24.95. (USA addresses only). International addresses will get a download link to download an e-copy of the book.
★ Limited support through email for 3 months & one evaluation of your progress after the completion of 90 days

Check Mony Singh's Brochure: LifeCoaching-Brochure

Package Cost: $99
(Healing not included)

Package Cost $300
(30 Days of Distant Healing & Cleansing Included)

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