Medical Astrology

Author: Mony Singh

If you've experienced a Western upbringing, you will probably laugh at the term medical astrology". Before we venture into the subject, let us compare the Eastern and Western systems of medicine.

Western medicine is based upon attempting to either cure or suppress a patient's symptoms. Only in the last few years have western researchers started looking into the root cause of diseases and still have a long way to go.

As late as a few hundred years ago people were in better health than they are today. Yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, homeopathy and other holistic ways kept people in optimum health. Astrology was utilized by these holistic practitioners for going into the root cause of illness, treating diseases at the source.

As you read these words, there is no cure for deadly diseases like tuberculoses, cancer, AIDS, brain diseases and numerous other illnesses found in today's modern world. Every day more and more people are sacrificed in the name of treatment by deadly drugs, harmful radiation therapies, half-cooked clinical trials and medical errors.

In the West the medical profession is ruled by greed whereas in the East, the majority of doctors are a bit more honest and aware of human life. In the East doctors will refer their patients to alternative therapies like homeopathy, Ayurveda, and magnet therapy for diseases they know have no cure in the Western system of medicine.

While I was in India, I had the good luck of meeting a few Ayurvedic doctors who were human "CAT scans"; in addition to telling one about the diseases one suffered from, they could even tell the kind of food one had the previous night just by feeling one's pulse. They even know the physical state of one's parents from one's pulse, as well.

The same knowledge can be gleaned from looking at the physical features of an individual. When I was learning "The Science of Body Features" from my Guru, he amazed me many times by merely looking at an individual in order to discern a clear picture of their family background.

In the practice of both Ayurveda and the Chinese system of medicine, it is very common for the doctor to ask the date and time of birth of their patients in order to know the basic constitution of the person. Even now an astrologer is not considered learned unless he is familiar with medical astrology. It is a widely practiced science in India. You may be surprised to learn that Indian doctors keep in close touch with learned astrologers and often consult them regarding their patients. These doctors know and understand within their hearts that karma plays a very important role in the state of one's health. In India major operations are performed after consulting with an astrologer about a favorable date and time for the procedure.

Necessary precautions are taken in the form of prayers, chantings, yagyas & serving the poor to ward off negative planetary influence/Vibrations.Let's look at medical astrology from a logical perspective:

If you look at the statistics for major health problems suffered by mankind, the observation can be made that men and women suffer from two different sets of diseases— though there are, of course, those diseases common to both sexes.

Diseases common to both men and women: asthma, skin diseases, allergies, headaches, vision problems, respiratory problems, hearing problems, stomach disorders, sexual problems, obesity, etc.

Diseases common among men: heart problems (most common among men), brain diseases, liver problems, problems related to sexual organs and, at times, brain cancer or tumors.

Diseases common among women: cancer—especially breast cancer—thyroid malfunctions, and problems related to the reproductive system.

Diseases and Medical Astrology

Problems related to the brain, headache, anger, depression, sleep and emotional imbalances are caused either by bad placement of the Moon in one's birth chart or an unfavorable transit aspecting one's Moon at birth. These maladies can be cured by wearing certain gems that will provide the individual with soothing energies and balance the wild elements in their horoscope.

Skin problems, sexual dysfunctions, low sperm count or lack of sexual drive in men are caused either by the bad placement of Venus in one's birth chart or an unfavorable transit aspecting one's Venus at birth. These maladies can be cured by wearing certain gems that will enhance the masculine power in a male.

Obesity, the lack of sexual drive and reproduction problems in women are caused by Jupiter in one's ascendant or aspecting one's ascendant at birth—or, in the Dasha period of Jupiter, along with a badly placed or aspected Mars. Obesity can be controlled by wearing the gems of planets that help the individual lose weight.

Parents with kids who are sexually overactive, have no interest in studies or receive poor grades can choose certain gemstones for their children. These gems can help their kids to focus on their studies rather than wasting their energies in sexual encounters.

Whether it is malnutrition or obesity, Vedic astrology can help you live at an optimum state of health using gem therapy. Gems are very powerful because they radiate Sun's energy to the body and, as such, may prove either beneficial or harmful. Because of this they should only be worn after consulting a learned astrologer. For further info about precious gems, please refer to my articles on Precious Stones.

Medical astrology is one science still hidden to the western world and very few practitioners of Vedic astrology actually know the inner secrets of it. If proper research were to be done on this sacred science, in just 50 years humanity could live in perfect health and, spiritually, come a step closer to enlightenment. This is the potential of medical astrology.