Mercury: The Planet of Intellect

Author: Mony Singh

Once upon a time a Donkey challenged a Lion, Now why would a Donkey challenge a Lion! the simple reason being Donkeys are always frustrated with lions, and trust me they have every reason to be angry. Everybody treats them with disrespect. So our Donkey maharaj told the Lion in a very strong way: what do you think of yourself, you think you are the king, lets prove it who the real king is! Lets have a fight. The Lion thought for a moment and then quietly disappeared in the Jungle.

A Fox was watching the scenario, she became speechless. Without loosing a single moment she ran towards the Lion and exclaimed in sheer amazement: What’s the matter? The lion replied: The Donkey has nothing to loose!
Intellect is Lionlike. That is one reason Mercury the planet of intellect always stays closer to SUN in the zodiac. There is a vast difference between Intellect and knowledge. Knowledge is nothing but filling the bio-computer with data. So that one day one is able to contest on the Jeopardy show. Knowledge can only create parrots and parrots are always interested in associations. Just split the word ass-ociations. The word speaks for itself. They want to be in the front, where people can admire them.
So majority of politicians as well as actors are very knowledgeable. If ever actors could have intellect, they would refuse movies which would have a negative impact upon the society. Same goes for politicians.
Intellect on the other hand is one’s ability to analyze and discriminate between the right and wrong thus producing wisdom. Intellect is the raw form of wisdom and from wisdom one moves on towards awareness. Which becomes a stepping stone towards Meditation.
Two signs are governed by Mercury, Gemini and Virgo. One is positive and the other is negative. Gemini is a air sign, whereas Virgo is earthly. That is one reason majority of Gemini's are air headed and also extremely good singers, on the other hand Virgo's are materialistic and intellectual. I have yet to meet a Virgo who is dumb, it would be a fascinating and unique experience. If your child is a Virgo (someone born between August 24 - September 23) you are a lucky parent. August born Virgo's are introverts, whereas September born are extroverts. The most powerful Virgo's are born between 5th to 15th of September.
Mercury gets exalted or extremely powerful in Virgo and gets debilitated or weak in Pisces. Pisces is a watery sign. so look at the relationship. When Mercury transits Pisces it becomes weak. with it goes the famous saying "Akl pe pani pher diya" (It won't make sense if I translate it).
Gemini's are very forceful and egoistic, that is one reason they lack concentration. And always eager to fight on petty issues. Excuse me! but if you are not a air sign and you have a Gemini wife. Think twice before you do any bad karma in this life. My advise is become a disciple to your Gemini wife or you will be forced to become a hermit.
Air signs should always get married to air signs in order to have a harmonious life. Among the worst combinations are Pisces and Gemini (Pisces Feb. 20- March 21) and Gemini (May 22- June 21) . Unless you love Cyclones and hurricanes and live your life with an fatalistic attitude, you should not combine these two signs. 99% the marriage would flop or be full of turmoils. The above is based upon my experience with western astrology.
Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Stone is Emerald.
People who have a strong Mercury in their charts will have mastery over words in any form, vocal as well as written. Whereas a weak Mercury will make the person stutter or be retarded. Mercury should be free of afflictions in ones chart, otherwise one can be a Liar, cheat, perverted, unprincipled , boastful, inaccurate and clumsy.
If Mercury is well placed, it signifies, Intelligence, Good education, good judgment, mathematical abilities, humor which is unique and logical, analytical, wisdom, artistic taste etc.
Body parts governed by mercury are tongue, abdomen, lungs, nervous center, brain & mouth.
Diseases indicated by Mercury are Nervous breakdown, excessive sweating, impotency, deafness, vocal organ malfunctions, stammering, asthma, bronchitis, Nasal disorders, Sinus, trembling of hands etc. The above diseases can be overcome with Astrological remedies. Always remember Astrology came into existence before medicine. I would say medicine is one of the branches of astrology.
When Mercury is retrograde in ones chart, it gives the ability to look at things with a futuristic approach. When retrograde Mercury people say something. they might sound foolish in the present but they are always accurate in the long run.