US Presidential Elections 2008: Obama Vs McCain

Author: Mony Singh (written before the elections in 2008)

As we progress into a more sophisticated and advanced world, 
we find that the political system has not progressed much and needs a major overhauling. There is a dire need to bring equilibrium to the social and political structure in the world if we want to protect the human species from mass destruction at the hands of these Militant Politicians. 
From: "White Lies Dark Truth" by Mony Singh

Politicians are actors: they perform for potential voters, attempting to sway public opinion with their performances. That is not to say that they are insincere or false, simply that they understand the power of image, and how to use it in order to further their own ends. Whether a politician is good or bad is something we must decide for ourselves based on the image that they present to the world.
I liked Bill Clinton and feel that George Bush could have done a much better job had he read my book White Lies Dark Truth and taken a Life Management Session from me. George Bush has left the country in a state of confusion, unsure of the higher purpose and righteousness of the wars being fought in Afghanistan and Iraq, and anxious about the future of America.
We must look to the future and not get caught up in the past, in order to make the best decisions about who will lead us towards a brighter tomorrow: whether Barack Obama or John McCain triumph in the November 4th election, we all want a better future for the USA and the world. The USA has always acted as a patriarch for the entire world: if our guiding father is suffering he will make the whole world suffer: America must heal itself from within.
I will discuss Obama's life, in order to gain more understanding of who he is, and then move on to John McCain. Using the science of body features, I will analyze Barack Obama decoding his physical features:
Obama is a quick thinker who is self-critical in the extreme: he is hard on himself, and that hardness is unconsciously passed on to the people around him. He carries a great deal of potential: he is a dreamer by nature and his unconscious mind picks up hundreds of ideas every moment from the universal consciousness. He is quite open, yet very secretive at times: in other words he has the potential to keep things under wraps. His lips are jet black and I do not know if they are because of smoking or due to 3rd degree emotional burns.
His fingers are long and straight: this indicates a very creative nature: as well, he has a good flow of energies with the people he interacts on a daily basis. He is very practical and focused and carries the potential to go all the way with the issues he feels will bring good changes for the country. Aura wise he is a good soul and carries higher colors that are only seen on highly elevated souls.
Health wise he has issues with his stomach & shoulders and carries a weak immune system: overall health is not good and is declining every day even though he is young. Unless he implements changes to his lifestyle, his body will not be able to take the pressure of running the country and will bring health problems to surface as he performs his duties as President.
Obama's Vedic Horoscope
Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961 at 7:24 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
  • Obama has a Capricorn ascendant with retrograde Saturn and a debilitated & retrograde Jupiter
  • 2nd house Ketu
  • Exalted 5th house Moon
  • 6th house hosted by Venus
  • 7th house hosted by Sun and Mercury combination
  • 8th house Mars and Rahu
At present, he is running the Jupiter's "Maha Dasha" (Major Period) of Jupiter and the Sub period of Moon that is exalted in the chart.
There are more negative than positive points in his chart, which will directly influence his health and long life.
The exalted Moon period that started in November of last year and will end in March of 2009 has been a wild card in his life for the past 12 months, but this card will become obsolete next year and he will not be able to use it actively. His power will weaken as he enters the sub period of Mars where he will have to depend solely on his powerful mind to run the country, as he will not get support from outside.
If he is elected president of the country, his prime concern should be to protect his life from ending up a mysterious and unpredictable tragedy, as happened with lady Diana, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luthar King and others. The rule of the game in this life is to protect the self, and then protect the people around you: society, the country and so on. Unless you can love yourself, there is no way you can love the world.
Numerologically speaking: Barack Obama is a master of crisis management, although he has tunnel vision: he carries lot of material power and can move the country towards financial stability.
John McCain

John McCain carries immense mind power but unfortunately, a great percentage of that power is lying dormant and has not been utilized.
Even though he is hard on himself at times but he does take care of his own interests and takes care of himself.
He is struck in the past and slow to implement his ideas. Emotional weaknesses and emotional stagnancy are quite obvious on the left side of his face. At times he becomes prone to despair and hopelessness, but he seldom gives in to feelings of helplessness. Even though he has aged on the physical level, his heart and mind are still in the teenager mode: he tries to stay youthful, and he carries the drive of a teenager. He is good with the male energy group (Male energy group- God, Father, Brother, Son, Male friends and Personal will power or the relationship with the Self) but he is not as comfortable with the female energy group (Female Energy Group: Biological mother, Mother Earth, Sister, Daughter, Female friends and associates & Emotions/Feelings). 
Aura wise he does not carry the highest spiritual colors even though he does carry some higher colors. Health wise, he has issues with his spleen, liver, spine and head.
McCains Vedic Horoscope
McCain was born on August 29th 1936 in Panama. 
  • He has a Virgo Ascendant with an exalted Mercury.
  • Jupiter in the 3rd house
  • Rahu in the 4th house
  • Moon in the 5th
  • Saturn in the 6th and retrograde
  • Ketu in the 10th house
  • Mars is debilitated in the 11th house
  • Sun and Venus in the 12th with Sun occupying its own house


Currently he is running the major period of Saturn and he starts the major period of an exalted planet from May of 2009.
He has some very good placements in his chart that could give him the lead in the coming elections. If elected, his prime concern should be to clean up the mess that George Bush has created at home and in the Middle East. Since Mars is weak in his chart he will not be too interested in spending money on the wars: he is not the fighting kind. Astrologically speaking, the Sun and Venus combination in the 12th could bring him dishonor connected with women: women have been a source of loss and learning for him in this life. His health will become better after May, but in September of 2009, when Saturn moves into the Ascendant, he will need to watch his health for the next 2 ½ years.
As far as numerology is concerned: he carries good soul power, is very touchy and cannot take criticism: he has a deep desire to know what life is all about, but since he carries more power on the physical level, he becomes a rubber band pulling himself between spirituality and materialism.
Comparison between Obama and McCain
While Obama has an exalted Moon with a debilitated Jupiter in his chart, McCain has a debilitated Mars with exalted Mercury in the Ascendant. Both have lord of the Ascendant in the Ascendant; both have Moon in the 5th house Both carry good mind power, wanting to do their best at all times, but they are both prone to defeatism, and this has been their pitfall: planetary placements cause this problem.
This game is going to be just like the popular game show Jeopardy, where the winner could become the loser in the final Jeopardy, and the loser the winner. Obama's powerful period will end in March 2009 while McCain's powerful period starts in May 2009. Obama can get things done more quickly than McCain, who is slow to implement his ideas. Obama will be a good president, if elected, but he will face problems as President, whereas McCain will be more of a stable bureaucrat, who will be more interested in pomp and show: McCain would take too much time when it comes to actions such as pulling out of Middle East or boosting the national economy.
Both candidates are loaded with minuses due to their own past karma and carry very few positive points: one's plus points are negatives of the other and vice versa: I wish there was a way to have them both run the country. If Obama wins on Nov. 4th, he needs to hire an experienced Vedic astrologer to let him know when to come out of the White House and when to stay indoors: his chart shows dangerous elements with regard to his personal safety.
If McCain is elected, he would need to become more balanced as a person, in order to be a better president than George Bush: if this balance is not achieved, he will drive America into a deeper downfall, and the country will lose its position as the world's most powerful nation. McCain carries with him a karma that will teach him some heavy-duty lessons if he is not just and fair with everyone.