Our Mission

This is our vision for the future: in the future health care will be free and people will learn the healing professions because they will have a strong desire to help people and will not be driven by greed. People will not become Doctors, Astrologer, Psychologists, Psychics, and Healers to capitalize on their healing/guiding abilities. Psychics and Astrologers will not have to instill fear in their clients or sell them gemstones or spiritual remedies in order to make a living. Healing on all levels—Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual—will be provided at no cost to the suffering party. In return, society will take care of these professionals.

Vedic Wisdom seeks to help people Grow in Consciousness individually and collectively through:

1) The Science of Body Features & Vedic Astrology

2) Making the world aware of the fact that Black Magic & Voodoo Witchcraft are ancient sciences & carry the uncanny potential to seriously harm, torture & kill people.

3) To help people who have become victims and making serious efforts in stopping the practice of Black Magic & Voodoo witchcraft. Create enough awareness among the masses so that laws are made to punish people who use this science or use the help of these professionals (Tantriks) from the dark world to harm and kill their innocent people.

Accomplishments to Date & Ongoing Activities

1) The founder of Vedic Wisdom: Mony Singh has written his first Book White Lies Dark Truth to help direct the course of humanity towards a higher state of Awareness. Since its release, White Lies Dark Truth has changed many lives.

2) We are working towards establishing an international network of like-minded people who would volunteer their services to elevate the consciousness of the masses using the secrets from the ancient wisdom.

3) Educate interested individuals through workshops, teaching manuals and other media.

4) Train teachers worldwide who would conduct workshops and personal consultations.

5) Develop centers all over the world where people:

-Can have access to the teachings of every enlightened master that has ever existed

-Can Mediate and go within and help the masses by becoming a channel towards spreading the divine light on our planet

6) Open Alternative Health Care & Research center to improve the quality of health on the planet

7) Help orphaned kids in finding deserving couples who can adopt them

Contact us if you are a non-profit organization seeking resources.