Samudrik Shahstra-The Science of Body Features

Author: Mony Singh

In 2005 Mony Singh was approached by a famous Bollywood director who did a show on him “Mano Ya Na Mano” hosted by Irrfan Khan that ran for many months on StarONE TV.

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In India we call this science Sharir Lakshan Vigyan which was blessed to mankind thousands of years ago by a Rishi (Saint) known as Samudrik; this science is also known as Samudrik Shahstra. We will call it The Science of Body Features so that it is easier for the Western mind to understand.
By getting acquainted with our physicality, we can know why we think, feel and act in a particular way. Even though we are all made of the same combination of five elements consisting of air, fire, water, earth, and ether, and we all have the same organs and the same composition of blood flows through our bodies, we are still very different and very unique. We are so unique that if four people are sitting together, all four could have a different blood type.
Every part of the body is connected with a particular area of the brain. The thought waves we get from the universal data bank and the thoughts that manifest in our conscious mind along with our actions influence the shape, size, color, and appearance of our physical features. Any major variation in our thinking patterns or any action that overwhelms our psyche e.g., depression, rage of anger or hate, killing someone or watching someone being killed, or death of a close one, extreme guilt and resentment, or even winning a big amount in the lottery can trigger a change in the shape and appearance of a particular body feature over a period of time.
We are not aware of ourselves and most people hate their own existence, and thus we do not care much about the changes that take place on our outer surface; moreover, these changes can take several days to several weeks. The only way we can keep ourselves updated is by using the science of palmistry, as the lines on the palms can appear or disappear in as little as 24 hours to a few days. These changes appear in an instant on the iris of the eye. The day is not far when palmistry, iridology, physiognomy and phrenology will become necessary tools to solve human problems.
The way an individual thinks, acts, and talks, his voice pitch, his actions, and even his destiny none of these would match with another individual. Even if two children are born at the same time, in the same hospital, to different parents, they will both live different lives even though their horoscopes will be the same—the reason being their physical features are based upon their past karma, which is in precise alignment with the parents one is born to, as the DNA of both parents determines one's physical features as well as one's mental makeup.
The father carries the seed (sperm) that is planted into earth (mother) and a child is born after nine months. Your gross (physical body) has been contributed by your mother and the subtle (soul power) has been contributed by your father. If you look deeply you carry the whole existence within you from a stone to the supreme soul. You carry the elements found within a stone and you also carry the light of the supreme soul. If you look at a drop of semen under a microscope you will find many sperm and each sperm would carry a speck of light. That speck of light is the soul power within the sperm.
The left side of your body indicates the state of your female energies and your biological mother and the right side of your body indicate the male energies and the state of your biological father. If you divide your face right in the middle, the left side of your face will reflect your mother's side and the right side of your face will reflect your father's side. We are all rosebuds waiting to bloom. Our face is like a physical bud—when we come closer to our time of blooming, clear signs show up on our face, hands and feet. Like a bud blooming into a flower, the face similarly flowers. This flowering can only be seen by a spiritual master or someone who knows phrenology. The spiritual state one is at can be clearly judged with the aid of phrenology.
If a person kills another person, certain signs will show up on the physical body of the killer. If you hurt someone emotionally, the color and texture of certain body features will change on the person who was hurt. If that person possesses powerful vibes, he can cause equal or greater damage to the person who caused him that hurt. We come into this life with immense power to create or destroy.
Whether someone is a big mouth or has a great ability to hold on to the secrets of others can be clearly gleaned by looking at their body features; the same applies to cruelty and compassion. An abundance of secrets can be revealed by analyzing body features.
Phrenology is one science that can help mankind reach the pinnacle of our existence. At this point you must be thinking: what is the function of the hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, etc outside their biological functions? Here are your answers:
-Hair: on the head are our antennas to communicate with the universal consciousness. The color, texture and appearance of your hair determines the kind of thoughts you receive from the universal mind/collective consciousness. The natural parting of your hair determines your mind-set.
-Forehead: represents the quality of the bio-computer with which we are born.
-Eyebrows: we can determine the quality of human electronics—our bio-energy and circuit board—by the size, shape and appearance of the eyebrows. In a man the eyebrows signify the power of the semen and in a woman the power of love.
-Eyes: are the window to the soul. From the eyes one can look at the state of one's consciousness. Calmness in the eyes indicates spirituality. The best way to observe the eyes are to observe the eyes of different animals and than compare them with the eyes of humans. For example: the cow is the most spiritual animal on the planet whereas vultures, poisonous snakes, sharks and wolves have the most dangerous looking eyes in the animal kingdom.
-Nose: is the potential-meter.
-Ears: represent the state of the heart chakra.
-Cheeks: become either a joy meter or sorrow meter.
-Lips: there are three types of humans found on Earth and the shape and appearance of lips determines the group to which one belongs. Besides knowing the group, the quality of male and female energies one has brought into this life can be determined by looking at both the upper lip (male power) and lower lip (female power).

Here are the three types as shown in the below pictures:

  • The Deva "Angel" Group: Where the Lips turn upwards (Happy Face)
  • The Manushya "Human" Group: Where the lips are in a straight line
  • The Rakshsha "Devil" Group: Where the lips turn downwards (Sad Face).
-Nipples: the left nipple represents emotional power; the right nipple represents physical power.
-Buttocks: Represent the Power/Potential to enjoy sex.
-Thighs: Represent the ability to enjoy sex.

I will now reveal a few secrets from this science. Look at your own picture...look at the shape, size and quality of your eyes...hide one side of your face and look at just one side. Now hide the uncovered side and look at the other side. You're in for a shock both sides will never match unless your father and mother were, at the time of your conception, both in the same spiritual, mental and emotional state. Also, in the majority of individuals you will find either one eye to be smaller than the other or the two eyes will not match in shape and appearance.

To explain the relationship between body & mind and your karma, here is another secret:-Feet: Give a good look at the top of your feet and check if they are of high, medium or poor quality (you can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures). Read the results that best match your feet.
High Quality Feet: If your feet are smooth and beautiful and the toes are long and rounded as you see in the pictures then here is what they mean. You were born to a mother who has a very powerful and beautiful body; at the time you were in your mother's womb she was very happy about her pregnancy and her life. She was very connected with you at all times, taking care of your needs and desires while in the womb if you liked a particular food item, she made sure to eat it and if you wanted to listen to a particular music, she played that music. During those nine months she devoted her life to you being healthy and loved. She not only provided you with everything while in the womb, she also took exceptional care of you while you were an infant. She loves you dearly even now and is very connected with you. The circumstances regarding her pregnancy were very good; she was happy both during and after her pregnancy.
Now this is your good karma that you were born in comfortable circumstances to a loving and attractive mother. As a result you will always have a good connection with the female energies, women and Mother Earth. You will be grounded and live in comfort and good health—provided your other body parts complement the feet in quality and you have taken good care of yourself by living a well-directed life.
Medium Quality Feet: Your feet are of medium quality, the top being smooth but the toes being much smaller than the bigger toe, their overall look neither ugly nor beautiful. You have to accept the fact that your mother does not have a high quality body, though at the time when you were in your mother' womb she was very happy about her pregnancy. She was, however, unhappy about her personal life. Despite the circumstances she was very connected with you at all times. She tried her best to take care of your needs and desires while in the womb if you liked a particular food item, she tried to eat it provided it was available to her. During those nine months she devoted her life to you being healthy and loved despite her challenging times. While you were in the womb, she provided you with everything within her limited means and tried her best to take good care of you while you were an infant. She still loves you dearly and will do what she can for you. Overall she did her best though her limited physical power and circumstances did not let her give you anything beyond her means.
Now this is your average karma that you were born to a mother who does not have a powerful body. Her circumstances while pregnant were not too good but the positive side is that she is a loving mother who cares about you. Because the quality of your feet lacks perfection, you will have problems with the female energies, women, Mother Earth and materialism. At times you will find that you are uprooted (lack grounding) and will either live an average life or struggle to live your life in harmony and peace.
Poor Quality Feet: Your feet are of poor quality if veins are showing on the top, even if the toes are long (long toes only represent that your mother had a strong body). At the time when you were in your mother's womb she was very unhappy about her pregnancy and was not happy about her personal life; being pregnant with you was more a burden than a blessing. Those nine months were a torture for her. She never cared for you because of her past karmic balance with you and her limited awareness and lack of understanding towards life.
Now this is your bad karma that you were born to a mother whose circumstances were very bad. Because the quality of your feet lack perfection, as a result you will have serious problems with the female energies, women, Mother Earth and materialism. Many times you will find that you are uprooted (lack grounding) and will live a less than an average life or struggle too much to live this life in harmony and peace.
If the nails on the big toes are discolored, lack smoothness and shine or look abnormal in any way (as shown in the picture), this is a clear indication that you are sitting on a volcano of depression and should seek professional help.To know more about depression please read the article on depression (listed under Articles).
On the closing note, we live in a world of duality where we have free will, God is the energy that is within us and outside of us, it's everywhere and available to everyone, we can use this power within us to hurt or heal ourselves as well as others, if we have lived a life as a student in this school of life where our focus was to learn, understand, make it part of our wisdom and share it with others, then we keep on growing and as and when we age, we age gracefully and our face shines like a glowing star but if we have allowed ourselves to fail in this school of life by not being fair to ourselves and to others, the result will be as you can see in the pictures of Nick Nolte when he was young and now when he has aged.
The worst case scenario is the example of Damarys Ruiz, a former Miss Venezuela contestant, who was homeless for 15 years and has died.
See her picture below.
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