Author: Mony Singh

Did the Chicken come first or the egg? Do you know the answer? Unless you are an Enlightened being or a Con-man I really don't think there is any answer, and if there is, does it really matter?

Long time back this child was scolded by his father and the child was not just a normal child but a smart one, so he asked his father: whether he was scolded in the same manner by his father! and the father replied with a yes! The child went on: and your father's father did the same to his son! again the answer was yes! So the child said how long this "Khandani Gundagardi" (Family tradition of hitting one's kids) [hitting a child in India is not taken as child abuse as in the West] will continue. I ask you how long will we continue living in this darkness?

In India Dogs don't get along with other dogs, not to speak of getting along with cats. But in the West one can find many examples of Dogs, Cats and Mice being friendly with each other. If you ask a Veterinary doctor he will tell you that the animals pickup the emotions of human-beings around them and react according to their environment. I don't think I need to explain this in detail but it is a common sight that when two dogs are accompanied by their masters in an Indian park and they happen to cross by, one can see them growling at each other, almost ready to kill. On the contrary one can experience many episodes of dogs greeting other dogs in a friendly manner here in the USA.

It is a fact that a locust flower grows in mud (the word "Mud" is used in India in a negative way, same as "Filth") so may be that is the reason that most of the Spiritual Masters are born in India. But when the mud starts turning into a "Gunda Nala"(sewage drain) than I don't think locust flowers will grow in the sewage.
Indians by nature are too complicated. They think of one thing but will express something totally different. In other words they lack harmony or syncronocity between what they think, say or do. Their thought, words and actions seldom match. The clear reason being they are not taught logic. Indian mind is dominated by emotions. If in India a child asks a strange question i.e Q: Father! How are kids born? Answer: slap!#@** You are too young to know these things, when you will grow up you will know on your own. In the West the same question will be answered by the famous "Birds and Bees" story.
Have you seen a animal living by himself in the jungle, you will never find that. Animals, birds, fishes, ants they all live in communes. It is only the humans who are accustomed of living by themselves in their aloneness. OOPS! Loneliness. We cannot use "aloneness" because this particular word is reserved for S.T's (Lower Caste people are known by S.T which stands for Schedule Tribe) I do not mean schedule caste or schedule tribe but "Spiritually Transformed".
On the other hand Western mind is dominated by Logic and the heart center is unexplored in 99% of the population, that is one reason that in the West the lips of people are very pink and in the east lips are normally black in color, which according to phrenology means that for pink lips, one's heart is unexplored and for black lips the heart is abused. A normal color lip should be red in color where there is a balance between Mind and Heart and the Liver is functioning at its optimum level.
It seems we have lost the wisdom to relate with others. In the West majority of the marriages fall apart even before they have their first wedding anniversary and after the first anniversary some drag for years before they realize that it is not worth torturing each other any more or may be they need more variety in their horrors of life.
Most of the people who come to me just need psychological tune-ups. Most are born with excellent horoscopes and body features to match their horoscopes, but are not tuned in life properly to function at optimum levels or even as normal. I ask you if you have a Mercedes Benz sitting in your garage and the key is lost, would you be able to use it. NO! Life is exactly the same way. First you have to know the software's you are born with. If you look at the computer technology, you will be amazed to realize that it is a replica of our existence in this body on this planet. There is a Mother Board, you can call it Mother Earth and then there is CPU which is the father, then we have a hard disk which is the unconscious and RAM which is the conscious mind. All the thoughts are nothing but different software's running within us from this life as well as from the past lives. We are all linked by this vast Internet of divine energies, constantly exchanging data with each other.
The day is not far when we will have the "Data of Star-Trek" in real not just as a imagination.

If you are one of those people who love to play with the logic, Can you run a Pentium CPU in a 286 mother board? Or can you run "Windows XP" on a 286 machine?

Unless one realizes ones potentials you would be grappling in the dark for ever.

 Astrology is very helpful in determining ones potentials. It is not the science of the superstitious or the uneducated but it has been the science of Kings and Seers in the past. If you look at it with a logical mind. There are 12 houses. Out of the twelve houses 3 are dedicated to Water, 3 to Air, 3 to Fire and 3 to Earth. Just like the tatvas(Elements) in the human body, the fifth element being "Free Will". Each human resonates based upon these Elements.
Most of the relationships fail because of mismatching. For example women is a Gemini (Air) and Man is a Pisces (water). Their life would never be peaceful and they will always find themselves in the Hurricane season. Another example: Man is a Leo (Fire) and Women is a Libra (Air). Here you will find the man emotionally roasted by his wife as she would be fanning his fire and the women will be very hyper. Air signs should never get married with any other sign but with other air signs.
If only we could just match the right signs when coupling two humans, in just 10 years we can transform this planet into a peaceful place: fit for humans to live in love and harmony. Unfortunately, by the time the couple becomes aware of the incompatibility between them they have already brought kids into their lives and poor kids they just love both parents but their young hearts are crushed with the divorce of their parents and sometimes they are strong enough to chose death as they feel torn and with their parents divorce they decide to take a divorce from life, and the one's who decide to live: they always feel sorry for their existence.