Saturn: The King of Darkness

Author: Mony Singh

As we come towards the end of Kaliyug (dark age) everything seems so unclear. Relationships, health, mental stability even divine grace. If you look deeply into the life you will find nothing but darkness, the only light we have at the moment seems to be coming from the picture tube of our TV. Television has become our GURU or our role model.

Whatever the TV tells us, we do. "Drink more milk" its good for you one research says, we run to the refrigerator and gulp a glass of milk, the other day the same TV tells us, milk is the number one factor for allergies and heart attacks. We become anti milk.
We have lost the inner light. It seems we have become puppets to TV, food, ego, jealousy, hatred, anger, judgment.... the list is long.

No 8 stands for Saturn and once we are locked in the patterns of the number 8, we go in circles. From 8 we can only move to 9 which is ruled by Mangal or Mars. what that means is out of this darkness there are only two directions left to us. One is of Mangal (enlightenment) and the other is of Mars or destruction as Positive Mars is spiritual growth and the negative Mars is annihilation.

A very clear explanation of darkness is majority does not know what they want from life. A great number of people who come to me are not wanting to improve their lives but just looking for answers. The dilemma is that they don't even want my answers, they just want my co-operation to help them in the direction they want their life to go. So they come prepared with the questions as well as the answers. All they want is I should give them a way to satisfy their desires or I have some magic wand which they want me to use for their achievements.
Wake up! Astrologers are not Gods. A good astrologer certainly knows as to how the divine plan works but he has not been given the power to erase and rewrite that plan for you based on your desires. All he can do is make you aware of the plan or the future and show you ways to overcome the negative time periods using the laws of nature. He is just like a roadside service for the man who is born with average karma. I am not talking about Bill Gates because if he gets in trouble on the road of Destiny, he has enough good karma to be air lifted.
So an astrologer can help you fix your flat tires but he cannot give you a new car, nor can he change the road conditions, but he can definitely guide you on what path to take to save you from pot holes. But when you go to him with an attitude of a thirsty traveler going to a well and asking when and where will I get water. I think you need to look within because you are not thirsty but being haunted by the idea of being thirsty. You cannot go to a doctor and say I have this headache every day and its because of my neighbor, please tell me, how I can treat my neighbor? But amazingly people ask these sort of questions from astrologers.
One old man went to a travel agent, he wanted to fly to India immediately. There were no seats available on the plane for that particular day. So the travel agent said to the old man "Sir. I am sorry but you will have to go standby. The old man replied. Look son don't you see my age I am 70 years old Do you think I can stand for 20 hours in the plane.
This is what I mean by darkness. You go to one friends house his wife is nasty, unsociable and a bad cook. You immediately start admiring your wife because the comparison has come in. Next week you go to another friends house, his wife resembles Sushmita Sen (Miss Universe), is very social, she puts Kake-da-Dhabha(Indian Restaurant) to shame. Immediately you become miserable and start thinking about that unlucky day when you got married with your wife. It seems you have disconnected your wires with divine cable and have bought a dish where the channels have increased and so has your confusion as to what channel is good for you. Then you go to an astrologer and ask why you are suffering.

The metal for Saturn is Iron, color is black , stone is blue sapphire or Neelam.

Diseases caused by ill placed Saturn in ones chart are paralysis, Cancer, wind, phlegm, heart pain, consumption, brights disease and all problems related to bones.

If Saturn is a benefic planet in your chart, you are guaranteed success in life on the other hand if Saturn is detrimental. It can also make people beg on the streets. That is why majority suffers during Sadhe-sati (seven of half period of Saturn.

Saturn is a teacher who rewards you or punishes you for the past negative karma’s.My interpretation of the word KARMA is: Karmic accumulations of rags, mostly assumptions.