Stress & Depression

You are not alone as 17.5 Million Americans suffer from one form of depression or the other. Depression is one of the worst diseases of modern times. It affects the nervous system and leads to the destruction of the digestive system causing the body to go in a mayday situation affecting other organs as well.
What causes Depression? It all starts with Stress, when you remain stressful for a long period of time, you start moving into depressive states of mind and eventually you are locked into a situation and find it impossible to come out of that state of mind as a result you join the list of millions of people who are depressed.
Now what is this Stress or what causes Stress? Stress is your inability to diffuse, transform or channelize negative thought patterns, creating a gridlock situation within the conscious mind.When you stretch your mind too much and are unable to diffuse the negative thought patterns as and when they pop up on the screen of your consciousness and you let these thoughts become a guest and when the guest starts stretching its identity it causes "S t r e s s".

There are a few ways to Check stress in the body. First press the inside of the third toe at the base, the intensity of the pain amounts to the severity of stress in the body. The second way is to inhale, and go on inhaling to the point where it becomes impossible to inhale any more, hold your breath! If you feel pain or heaviness in any part of the body, especially the neck & shoulder area, you have joined the stress club.

This is what Phrenology has to say: Hair are the antennas to communicate with the higher energies. If the quality of the hair is dry & rough- ONE IS BOUND TO SUFFER as far as inner happiness goes. Keeping the hair dry and rough, using too many chemicals, hair dryers etc. leads to poor quality hair, which leads to a decrease in one's ability to handle stress at a conscious level.

If Stress is not taken care of for a long time leads to Depression. Phrenology is the science which has a sure cure for Stress & Depression.

CURE: If you just started having stress, this method would bring it under control within 40 days, but If the nails on the big toe are deformed, Black and ugly in texture, your problem is chronic and you are sitting on a volcano.

To cure stress, you must massage Castor Oil or Coconut Oil in your hair with downward motions every day .

Within 6 weeks not just the quality of the hair will improve, but you will not have stress anymore. Your memory and intellect will also touch new heights. Experiment and see the miracles of Vedic Wisdom, You have nothing to loose but a few drops of Oil.

Massaging the hair on your head or getting a deep tissue massage from a certified massage therapist can reduce the stress levels in the body but what if you are already locked into a depressive state of mind or you have been diagnosed with Depression?

If you have been diagnosed with depression and have been taking medication for it, you are merely treating the symptoms and not taking care of the root problem, here are the ways to know if you are suffering from Depression:

  • You get locked in a particular thought and are unable to get out of it.
  • Your memory weakens.
  • You have mood swings.
  • You get irritated very fast.
  • You feel alone in company and hanker for company when alone.
  • You become suicidal
  • The hair on the head become rough, dry and directionless and loose the natural shine.
  • The nails on the big toes show signs of discoloration, the nails are no longer pink and turn yellowish or show different shades of black, get deformed as in the picture below.Stage 1: Minor Depression-Stage 2: Serious Depression-Stage 3: Chronic Depression
The modern science also calls it Fungus infection. But they do not realize that nails are the indicators of the energy system(Chi or Prana) within us. Any sort of disturbances on the nails are a clear indication that our energy system is being disturbed in the areas connected with the nail or nails being affected. Medical science has absolutely no cure for Depression.
If you or someone in your family has depression, You are suggested to buy Mony Singh's book White Lies Dark Truth. In the chapter on Health you will find the remedy to remove from your body the elements of depression in as little as 4-8 weeks.