Ugly Woman

Peter had a beautiful house in the mountains and he hired one of the ugliest women possible to take care of the house. All his friends asked, "Peter, there must be some reason -- why have you chosen the ugliest woman?" Peter said, "There is a reason. And when the time comes, I will tell you."

And this created even more temptation to know. And again and again they were asking. It became a continuous temptation for them to enquire about the ugly woman. Peter used to go to the mountain once in a while to rest, and he would say to his friends, "I am going for three weeks," and he would be back in one week.

And they would ask, "You went for three weeks….?" He said, "Yes, I went for three weeks, but something happened and I had to come back."

And this happened again and again. He would go for six weeks and within two weeks he was back. Finally they said, "You are creating a mystery. You are keeping that ugly woman there, you go there for three weeks, you come back in one week. You never keep your word."

Peter said, "It is better now that I tell you the truth. The truth is, I have kept that ugly woman for a particular reason. And the reason is that when I go to the mountain house, the woman looks ugly. She is so repulsive, not just ugly. But without another woman, after seven or eight days, she does not look so repulsive. After two weeks, she does not even look ugly. After four weeks, she starts looking even beautiful. That is the time when I leave -- now the danger is near. Whenever that woman starts looking beautiful, that is the point to immediately leave the mountains because now there is danger."

Mind has started creating its own reality. Now it does not care at all what is actually fact; now it is creating its own fiction. Because it has not been with a woman for four weeks, there is a certain hunger, biological hunger, and that hunger is creating a loaf of bread.
It is not coincidental that people call beautiful woman "dishes," "delicious dishes." Why is a woman, a beautiful woman, in almost all languages, called a "beautiful dish"?

Perhaps because, just as food is a hunger and biological, so is sex a hunger and biological. Both are different hungers, but both are hungers. The world that you see all around you is mostly a projection of your mind. When the mind disappears completely, you will see a totally different world. With all projections gone, then only the real -- the objectively real -- remains.

And with the objectively real, there is no attachment. The attachment arises only with your projecting mind.