Vedic Foods

What you eat today will influence the way you think, in turn influencing the way you look, in turn influencing your future. Eat lovingly and you will be loved; eat mercilessly and the world will not be compassionate to you.... from White Lies Dark Truth by Mony Singh

Vegetarianism is good though all bodies are not designed for vegetables, depending on the shape of your teeth. However, eating too much red meat particularly cow's meat will not only pollute you mentally but will disturb your electromagnetic energy causing diseases such as cancer, allergies, Alzheimer's, pollution of the blood, stress and depression. The cow is a spiritually elevated animal. Vedic seers had the vision to realize this. If you crave meat, stay with lower consciousness animals until your consciousness grows and you begin respecting life.

The wisdom of eating is very simple. If you are very much in touch with your heart, you will never fail to crave the right food at the right time. The ultimate goal is to satisfy the body, mind and soul. Certain foods satisfy the body but are not light enough to reach the mind; there are foods that have the potential to nourish the mind. There are, however, only two foods to my knowledge that have the potential to nourish the soul.

There are thousands of books available in the market on what to eat and how to eat. Thousands of pages and all they do is leave the reader more confused. My way is very simple. The food you eat should be as freshly cooked as possible, should smell fresh and when you look at and smell the food, your mouth should fill with water. If it does not, your body has already rejected that particular food.

The following foods will help you spiritually, mentally and physically:

-Pungent foods nourish the lower charkas; aromatic foods nourish the higher charkas.

-Foods for the soul are ghee(Indian clarified butter) and water energized with MANTRA.

-Foods for the mind are yogurt, sugar, walnuts, green vegetables, fruits (sweet), rice (basmati) and coconut.

-Foods for the body are milk, proteins, wheat, corn, barley, etc, vegetables that grow under the earth, lentils, spices and fruits (citric).

Food items you should avoid:

-Red meat of all kinds, old chocolate (can cause leukemia), coffee (can cause high blood pressure, nervousness and arthritis), eggs (can cause ulcers and contribute to kidney and heart problems)

-Pound cakes (cause stagnation of the digestive system. If you must eat cake, make sure it has lot of nuts and fiber.

-Old foods that has been cooked or lying in the refrigerator for more than 72 hours. Food that is very old nourishes emotional blocks from the past and is extremely detrimental to spiritual progress.

Try not to mix proteins and carbohydrates (red beans and potatoes is one example). Cold drinks and sodas are also to be avoided as they rob the body of vital heat.

Always remember! Our connection with the Earth is through food. The Earth is a store house of all kinds of energies. The food we eat helps us tap the negative or positive forces from the Earth. If you are happy, you must be eating healthy. If you are sad and lifeless, change the foods you eat and the way you eat them. The choice is yours.