Venus: The Planet of Beauty

Author: Mony Singh

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" beholder is one who has a strong Venus in his birth chart. One who has a weak Venus will not like to go to Niagara falls as for him its no more than a huge "PARNALA" ( In India old houses have this drainage system where the water falls freely from the roof). He/she cannot admire a rose because for them a rose has no other purpose but a herb to stop loose motions.

Venus when found in extremely bad positions in the horoscope and also aspected by malefic planets like Mars, Saturn & Rahu conditions the person into a criminal.On the other hand a strong and nicely placed Venus in the chart can produce actors like Guru Datt, Harison Ford and Robin Williams or artists like Picasso. Singers have a very powerfully placed Venus: Kishore Kumar and Lata have very strong Venus,
Mercury and Sun in their Charts. Mercury gives the power over speech and Sun gives fame. Meera is another example along with a strong Jupiter.
Someone dominated by Positive Venus is extremely beautiful, full of grace, very feminine even in the case of men, magnet of luxury, every thing he/she does is artistic and proper.
Negative Venus which is strong and aspected by Mars/Rahu, will give the looks of a playboy.
A smart astrologer can figure out these things even before he has touched the birth chart. Astrology is that accurate when used with a scientists attitude. Otherwise the astrologer is answering foolish questions like: Will my son go to College? the questioner knows it very well that his son had been wasting time in the Movie theaters and hanging with lousy friends but he wants the answer to come from the astrologer. Now look at the whole logic of this: If this man! lets call him Mr X. So if Mr X was a strong believer of astrology, couldn't he get his sons horoscope made when he was an adolescent and couldn't he know in advance that due to certain features in his horoscope his education could be interrupted.
When you ask questions like when can I have a son? and the astrologer knows it very well that you have three daughters. Now you have already turned yourself into a bait. The normal answer from the astrologer would be that you need a "Havan" (Spiritual ceremony) in your house for begetting a son and the expense is "Y" number of dollars. What has the havan got to do with getting a son. When it comes to astrology your questions have to be as smart as the answers.
My object here is to make you very aware because I feel sad when people come to me and narrate their stories about getting ripped off by the so called Astrologers and Psychics by thousands of dollars. I sincerely feel that it is about time that a governing body is formed where people who claim to be Astrologers, Psychics, Healers are tested and are given licenses to operate.
Two signs are ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra. Taurus is ruled by positive Venus and people born during the period of Taurus ( April 21- May 20) are very attractive, calm, earthly, artistic and like to talk less as Taurus is a earth sign. Earth Signs are less talkative except for Virgo's, as Virgo is the sign of Mercury which stands for communication.
Liberians are born between September 23-October 22 and since it is a air sign. Women born under Libra are very talkative, love to scream, good at heart but need control as they are prone to extremes.
If you gather statistics from the criminal records, you will find a large number of men are born during the period when Sun transits the sign Libra.
If you have a Libra child. He/she must be conditioned to be fair and spiritual. The sign for Libra is balance and the reason Librans have more criminalist bent of mind is that we are passing through "Kaliyug" (Dark Age) and the balance is heavy on the side of darkness. So we must show Librans light, so that they can balance themselves because if Libra's can balance themselves it is one of the most powerful signs for practicing law, or being a judge. Librans can be extremely fair when brought up in disciplined way.

The stones for Venus is diamond, metal is tin and the number for Venus is 6.

Diseases for Venus are Skin diseases, Insane imaginations, TB, diabetes, ulcers in the anus, dryness, weak semen or in other words sperm counts are scanty and the man is unable to reproduce. All the above problems can be overcome by wearing a diamond. But you must consult an astrologer before wearing a stone, as stones reflect certain energies and are extremely harmful if not used according to ones horoscope.