Mars: The Fire Power

Author: Mony Singh

With the start of the year 2000, humans will be entering a new Era of exploring the unlimited potentials of the Mind. With all the Wars we had on the earth in the 19th Century, the fire & bloodshed of this Century has cooked the human mind to the point, where one can sit on the dining table of this life and enjoy the infinite tastes of one’s own mind. That is going to be the future of the Mankind. There would not be just one Sai Baba creating Vibhuti (Ash) from his hands but 1 in 5 people will be able to perform that miracle.

Since the basic nature of the man is to fight and rebel A new sort of fighting on a different level will dominate the human consciousness. Humans will have new tools to satisfy the Devil within them. The new tool is going to be the mind power, hence Black Magic, Voodoo and Black Tantra will be very common.
It will take society many years before they will start understanding the scientific laws used behind these evil deeds but eventually Politicians will step in to create laws to protect the innocent from these evil minded people. It will only happen when people in power will go through the horrendous experiences of Black Magic. Scientists will have to develop instruments to monitor the electro-magnetic effects that have been created by the Black Magic effects and the entities within the human body.
This Century of 1900 was dedicated to exploring the fire power within us. That's what the number 9 stands for. Mars the planet of fire and blood kept the fire energy going at all times. Since the end of 1899 until 1996. There was not even one single year, when earth was without a war during the current century. Every country had its own version of Hitler at one time or the other.
In Vedic Astrology Mars is the significator of brothers, energy, courage, desires and ambition, self confidence, strength, heroism, wittiness, dashing, determined, force of character, extremism, adventurous nature, landed and immovable property, muscular and tall, frankness, wounds, cuts, robust health.
People who are influenced by the positive Mars in their birth chart will excel to the top most positions in their lives. It is Mandatory to have a very powerful Mars in a Doctors chart. Without a powerful Mars one can not be a good surgeon. There are no ifs and buts to this rule.
On the contrary if Mars is unfavorable and under negative influences, we can expect rashness, lose temper, quarrelsome nature, bruteness, unpleasant and unhappy domestic life. health problems. Fever, Brain hemorrhage, heart attacks, high blood pressure, Wounds, pimples, tumor eruptions, burns and accidents and all blood diseases. Anemia is caused by a weak Mars in ones chart.
All serial killers have a Mars which is powerful on the negative side and there is no positive influence of Jupiter and Venus in their charts.
The color of Mars is Red and the Astrological stone connected with it is Red Coral. Tuesday is dedicated to the planet Mars and if you look at Statistics. Most of the traffic accidents occur on Tuesdays. The metal for Mars is copper. In case you have a weak digestive system. You can take a copper vessel and fill it with filtered water at night. Drink that water the first thing in the morning and your digestive system will come back to life in about four weeks, but you must start your day with water energized by the metal copper.
Out of the twelve signs, Aries and Scorpio belong to Mars, where Aries is Positive Mars and Scorpio is Negative Mars, that is one reason Scorpio’s are very revengeful and vindictive and also great politicians. This is subject to the placement of other planets in ones chart.
In case you are under the negative influence of Mars and suffer from the above negative traits. You should stay away from Red meat and Drinks. Drive carefully on Tuesdays.
Someone born between March 22nd and April 20th will be under the positive influence of Mars and October 24th - November 22nd will be under the negative influence of Mars. It is very rare to find someone who does not suffer from chronic depressions if the person is born between October 24th - October 31st .
Phrenology is one science which gives indications about the effects of certain planets on the human body. Just by looking at someone's body features, one can know the state of consciousness one is at. People who are always ready to fight have a certain type of hair quality and also have a particular type of hairstyle and the direction.