Princess Diana-Mystery Death

Author: Mony Singh

11 Sept. -97

Taking birth for a common man is a mere accident and so is dying. Death is one area where we have no control, the tunnel of death awaits us and we don't know where, when, how we pass through it.

The recent and much talked about is Princess Diana's death in the tunnel.

Born, July 1, 1961 in an upper middle class but aristocratic family of England, Princess Diana reached the height of fame and fortune but died the most horrible death one can ever imagine.

She was a flower child to start with, thanks to Venus in the 7th house. Astrologically she would have been attracted toward materialism early in life. With Jupiter aspecting the 7th house as well as Venus she was destined to reach the height of name and fame in her life because of Venus which became the owner of her 7th house (partnership, relationship) and her 12th house (losses and pleasures of beds) she was attracted toward many love relationships in her life which finally became the cause of her death.

Until the age of 20 Diana was running the Rahu period which is always mysterious and unpredictable for 99 percent of the people. The irony of fate is she died in mysterious circumstances at the end of her Jupiter period and Rahu sub period. Such is the power of higher mathematics.

Look at her astrological chart and the chart for August 31, when the accident took place. People will be shocked to know that when she was born Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury were retrograde (moving in the reverse direction) and at the time of her death it was exactly the same. Not just this, Rahu and Ketu, the two killer planets were in the 4th and the 10th house respectively in the very same houses as in her chart at the time of birth and death. (4th house belonging to conveyances).

Rahu and Ketu take 18 years to complete one cycle of the zodiac, so in her case she lived for only two cycles and died at the age of 36. For her Saturn became the owner of the fourth house aspecting her house of death. Saturn represents the color Black and she died while traveling in a Black Mercedes.

Mars being in her 10th house along with Rahu in opposition to Moon with Sun the owner of 10th house in the 8th, the house of death along with Mercury the planet of intellect, no doubt she died mysteriously; her death seems to be well planned or pre-planned.

Born with Scorpio ascendant Mars was aspecting her Lagna (Ascendant), that is the reason she was attracted towards public life, in some way politics and had abundant drive.

If you look at the charts of high profile political figures Scorpio plays a big role in their lives. Mother Teresa who died recently reaching the pinnacle, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru-- the list is long.

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn remain retrograde until 10th of September.

Time will be tricky until the 10th and then starting from October of this year until January of next year mankind will go through a testing time.

However, the more light we can create in our hearts the safer we will be in the coming period and go through the tricky tunnel of time.